Agenda of the past DocVille 2017 Summit

Time:            11:00-22:00 hrs Event Sessions, Networking Drinks & Dinner
Location:       Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, Brussels

Attendees:    Executives from the international IM–Vendor community


DocVille will take place on Wednesday, May 10th, at 11 a.m. in Brussels. During the event there are plenty of opportunities to get to know each other during moderated formal introductions, long networking breaks and round table discussions - where you can discuss your topic of interest within a smaller group of peers. There is also a relaxed dinner event in the evening where your networking and conversations can be continued.



Joint session:

  • Welcome & Agenda

  • Keynote  - "Building a Growth Strategy – Ideas, Options, Solutions

  • The current state of the major European Information Management Markets

  • Presentations & Conclusions from the Roundtable discussions


Roundtable discussions crowdsourced by our community:


A. Business Impact of GDPR Compliance on the IM-Industry - Get Ready!
B. Integrating Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) into ECM – From IDR to NLP & Conversational Chatbots
C. Blockchain and the Impact on Information and Transaction Management
D. Leveraging Crowdsourcing to Complement Capture for BPO and Shared Services Operations – What is the Promise?
E. Digital Transformation for IM Solution Vendors - Priorities and Next Steps?
F. Reinventing ECM - Content Services Platforms and Applications - a Necessity or Confusion?
G. How AI is Driving the New Wave of Digitization in the Insurance Industry
H. New European Directive eIDAS - New Opportunities in Business and Innovation?
I. The Question of Value: From "Findability" to Content Intelligence and Text Analytics
J. Moving Beyond ROI: Do We Need A New Model For Solution Selling?
K. Product Portfolio and Brand Strategies for Entry, Exit and Success 
L. International Projects in Document Process Outsourcing - Challenges and Pitfalls
M. From Traditional Document Capture to Intelligent Capture Processing and its Value Proposition
N. State of IM - Cloud Adoption in 2017 - What is Your Perspective?
O. Enabling Smart Scan Devices by IoT – New Revenue or Just a Fantasy?
P. The Role and Value of Robotic Process Automation in BPA - Reality and Status Check
Q. Inbound Marketing in 2017 - Are Your Marketing and Sales Teams Ready?
R. Working in IM - a Veterans Club or Regaining Attractiveness? What’s the Impact?
S. IM Channel Delivery 4.0- Where's the Added Value Going to Be?
T. From Silo Busting to Silo Bridging in Multi-ECM Users


(For full programme information see Event Sessions or choose on of the items above.)
The moderators are very experienced in their topics and are volunteers out of our Docville community.  There will be different themed round table & panel discussions running at the same time and depending on the demand, we may even decide to run certain topics more than once. The above is only a preliminary program and will be adjusted to the best interest of all attendees for a maximum of exchange.  

The sessions will close with a general Q&A discussion finishing at 6 p.m and attendees will meet for networking drinks and the networking dinner therafter. For those staying overnight, we recommendto use this great opportunity to meet colleagues for breakfast to continue with conversations the next morning. DocVille members can help to facilitate any meetings with other attendees. Depending on the demand we might consider also to organise some matching meeting. The price for the full event including the sessions and the networking dinner is 199€ and does not include the overnight stay at the hotel.The number of registrants is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis!


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the agenda, the sessions and moderators.


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