Strategy Transformation & Market Up-Date Workshops For Information Management Vendors:   

Based on the request of our community and input gathered at our last DocVille conference sessions, we are now offering Transformation Strategy & Market-Update workshops for Information Management Vendors and IM solution providers (including software& hardware vendors, system integrators & BPOs) that will help you to shape your Vendor companies mid-& tong term expansion and business transformation strategies.

Business Context 


Our  industry is disrupted by technologies in cloud, analytics, mobile, social and IoT. New niche players as well as large platform vendors are entering the space of IM that all have content management and customer experience management elements in their solutions. At the same time end user organisations are in search of solution vendors that can accompany them in their entire digital transformation journey. This also puts a lot of pressure on IM solution vendors that need to bring out new solutions that incorporate such technologies with a very short time to market. Hence solution suppliers first need to transform themselves from a technology, skills and business led model to being able to address these new requirements, supporting their customers in their digital transformation and helping them to compete in the 21st century. 


Objectives of Workshops  

DocVille’s Transformation Strategy & Market-Update workshops are highly interactive and modular 1-2 days workshops for Information Management vendors and solution providers. For example following points could be interactively exchanged and discussed:

  • Which are the key requirements and their main implications for IM solutions providers offering DT solutions?
  • To address the DT requirements of your customers, have you transformed your own organisation from a technology, skills and business model point of view?
  • What types of potential technologies, collaboration and partnerships do you consider necessary to overcome the DT solutions gap and in which areas?
  • Do you see new competition arising from new DT niche players or traditional players from other IT areas (e.g. analytics) that are increasingly addressing the DT issues of your clients?
  • What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in offering DT solutions, compared to your competition?
  • How do you support your clients with their DT strategy? Do you offer change management to address the human side for getting the DT right?
  • Which areas of your business do you consider the most important one that need to be transformed:  technology & solutions, service offering, pricing & business models, skill & resources, relationship & partnerships models, internal culture, sales & marketing, trust, security & compliance, funding & fostering…?
  • How do you redesign IM-solutions to help your client organisations offer better customer service, gather customer feedback, measure customer sentiments and communicate with them online?

Typical Senarios of Interactive Workshop Sessions or Keynote Speeches:  

DocVille’s Transformation Strategy & Market-Update workshops are highly interactive and modular 1-2 days workshops f




How does the Information Management Industry Progress to the Next Stage of Digital Transformation? Implication for Information Management Vendors?

Giving a brief helicopter view about most changing aspects impacting: Technology & Solutions, Service Offering, Pricing & Business Models, Skill & Resource Constraints, Relationship & Partnerships models, Customer & Competition, Internal Culture & Change Management, Sales & Marketing, Trust, Security & Legislation

Large ECM/Capture/BPM  Vendor landscape -Update

overview Key Players, M&A,- interactive:  future scenarios and their challenges

Selling & Marketing ECM to a new breed of buyers

How to sell ECM projects nowadays?   What kind of new sales and marketing models and trainings need to be implemented by IM vendors in order to keep track with major changes  in how customer organizations identify, procure, and implement solutions?

New Generation Document Service Providers (D-BPOs) - From Back-File Conversion to Lucrative Document Process Automation

Business context: Document Service Market in Motion,   Requirements for a DBPO from IT-infrastructure, Talent and Change Management Perspectives, Link to cloud-mobile scenarios,  Best Practices, Pitfalls and Lessons Learned Transforming the DBPO Organisation,  Paving the Way to Success with Technology, Packaged Solutions and People

Staying Profitable as a Systems Integrator in times of Mobile, Cloud and the IoT

Changing Business Models, impact  on the strategy and the customers, shift from technical training and implementation to front-end marketing and sales enablement, how can SIs develop the skills necessary to become trusted advisors and suppliers


Customised Approach to Our Clients’ Needs    

Our focus is deliberately on our ability to convey the knowledge and making sure that the contents and methodologies are adjusted to the needs by a thorough preparation.     So if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor a quality intervention for your internal or external audiences, suited to your needs and requirements.